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As you’ve seen, at Russell Stone Products we have grown to encompass nearly every aspect of modern era stone production, but you might be wanting to know a little more about the history our company, brand, and overall operations. Russell Stone Products is a certified minority owned company located in Central PA. At the heart of Russell Stone Products is our Dimensional Sandstone Quarries. Our oldest quarry has been in existence since the 1800's but closed in the 1920's and remained closed until we re-opened the quarry in 2002. At our manufacturing site we have all the equipment necessary to do anything from sawing, rock facing, to polishing our sandstone product to your desired specifications.

The History of our Russell Stone Quarries When the first of the quarries opened in the mid 1800s, Curwensville was barely 50 years old. Bloom's Run Quarry was first to open in the 1840s or 1850s in the small village of Greenville. Bloom’s Run expanded as a distinguished sandstone marketer. Then in 1888 the Roaring Run Quarry, opened in Pike Township. There was a big demand for Curwensville sandstone when the construction of the infamous Rockville Bridge, north of Harrisburg was completed. Curwensville contributed a great deal of the sandstone used in the project. The completion of this project lead to other structures rising from the sandstone of Curwensville including Princeton’s wondrous University Chapel, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Cathedral of Learning at Pittsburgh University, Chicago’s Machinery Hall of World’s Fair in 1893, and numerous other landmarks of those earlier times. The Great Depression left many struggling through uncertain times, but the untimely death of Charles T Eastburn in 1934 would eventually bring this historic era to an end. The quarries would virtually laid untouched for 70 years. Since reopening in 2002, we have only built upon that reputation of world renowned stone quality and have done some truly amazing projects like supplying stone for the restoration work of that very same Princeton University Chapel. That particular project won the Restoration and Renovation 2004 Tucker Award in Stone World magazine ( 9/04 edition), which to this day is still one of the prides of everyone here at Russell Stone Products. Our shipments now go out Worldwide and some of our more prestigious works include the United States Capital Visitor Center in Washington D.C., the Pennsylvania Welcome Center in Mansfield, PA, the Scranton-Wilkes-Barre International Airport, and numerous other large scale projects at Universities, Cathedrals, and Government Building across the US. BUT it doesn’t end there... Russell Stone Products WILL HANDLE YOUR PROJECT OF ANY SIZE BIG OR SMALL - RIGHT DOWN TO A STONE DINNING ROOM TABLE FOR YOUR HOME OR EVEN PAVERS FOR YOUR DRIVEWAY. Contact us today, as we are interested in assisting you with any project you have in mind!

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